Mailing Address:

The British Columbia Environmental Network,
718-333 Brooksbank Avenue Suite #122
North Vancouver, BC V7J 3V6

Tel: (604) 515-1969

Contact Webmaster for Website information and comments: Andy Sinats

For Press inquiries, media requests and urgent matters please call our Communications Coordinator at: 250-643-1976

So you’re Thinking About Joining the BCEN?

A message from Dave Stevens, Chair BCEN Board of Directors:

Peer contact: First and foremost we invite you to join a community of your peers. Dozens of groups in all parts of the province and on issues that cover the map of environmental concerns in BC. They have good ideas you can use and they want to hear about your good ideas too. Our annual general meeting and conference collect the tribe from across BC into a serious eyeball-to-eyeball get-together to help manage your network, to listen to expert points of view and to contribute your own point of view.

Access to government: The BCEN is an affiliate network of the Canadian Environmental Network and through membership in their caucuses (included in your BCEN membership fee) you have access to staff and decision makers in Government of Canada ministries on topics of interest to you. You might even get paid to do this!

News and analysis: We operate active listserves with hundreds of members who are out there every hour of every day with news and views of environmental issues in BC and beyond.

What we want from you:

We ask that you participate. Bring your issues to our table and get help from the Network. It’s what we are here for. Help others where you can. You aren’t the only ones in this boat. Need more specifics? Please ask, what do you need?

How to go about it:

Please download the BCEN application form, fill in and mail to BCEN at the above address. All membership applications are reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors of the BCEN at our next monthly meeting. We routinely approve almost all applications but there are different categories of membership for different types of groups, so we scope it out. And send us a cheque, it isn’t much for what you get.