Environmental conservation through plumbing

Environmental problems such as the increasing scarcity of clean water have been linked to human activities. From releasing waste water into water bodies to deforestation, the human species is responsible for a myriad of environmental evils. The same evils which now threaten the existence of the human along with other species on earth. Some of eco-friendly practices and technologies are now being adopted to try and stop the negative effects on the environment. Plumbing is one of the areas that can be designed to help protect the environment.

Plumbing provides a way to convey water into homes and buildings used for other purposes. It also ensures that that waste water and sewage is taken out of the buildings. Proper plumbing ensures this is done while fostering water conservation. With the help of a good Staten Island plumber, you should be able to create a plumbing system that uses eco-friendly fixtures and supports water conservation efforts. Here are ways you can conserve water through plumbing.

Use water-efficient toilets

The area where the largest amount of water is used up, especially in homes is the toilet. It, therefore, makes sense that efficient water use in the toilet should be top among water conservation efforts. Newer toilet designs are created to use less water while efficiently performing the purpose they were meant for. Toilets utilizing technologies such as dual-flush technologies reduce water wastage. This technology is anchored on the fact that flushing liquid wastes don’t require as much water as solid waste does. Thus depending on the waste, you can use full- or partial-flush. Other water saving technologies include low-flow toilets, waterless urinals, and high-efficiency toilet faucets.

Eco-friendly Showerheads

Today, there are different types of showerheads, some very efficiently such that they can reduce water flow significantly. These low-flow Showerheads minimise the amount of water used in the shower thus if used with a few water saving tactics; they can make an impact on the amount of water utilized in the home.
Installing systems for water reuse

These include systems for rainwater collection and gray water reuse systems. A good Plumber in Staten Island can help devise ways to get the rain water collected from the roof and directed into the house for a number of uses. Further, he can help create a water reuse system that redirects gray water from the sink to the toilet to be used for flushing. Grey water can also be redirected to your backyard garden or lawn. This enables you to save the clean water for other uses.

Use the right water pipes

Using pipes of the right size and material for your specific plumbing needs helps to ensure that you get the right water pressure and reduces chances of water leakage and in effect wastage. In addition to its role in saving water, using the right material can also help save on energy because the right material and insulation of the pipes can minimize heat loss.

These are just some of the plumbing methods which should go hand-in-hand with sewage water treatment and other conservation efforts to foster environmentally friendly living. By adopting these methods and technologies, you can reduce your utility bills while contributing to efforts aimed at preserving clean water, which is scarce.

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