Environmentally Friendly Tree Removal in Brisbane

There’s no doubt as to how beneficial trees are. Despite their numerous benefits to the environment, animals, and surrounding plants, there comes a time when removal is necessary. This is particularly the case for trees that are clearly hazardous; having a weak or damaged trunk, and branches that perennially fall posing a danger to humans, animals, and property. Studies are suggesting that sustainable practices in forestry such rotational harvesting and selective trimming can be beneficial in some instances. If you have determined the necessity of removing a tree, the removal methods should still be safe for the environment.
Before embarking on the removal, you must first determine if the tree falls under the protected vegetation categories. If so you must seek the necessary permits as required by the Brisbane tree removal laws. Once this is done, you can turn to the details of how to remove the tree. Here are environmentally friendly tree removal practices:

Do It at the Right Time

Birds use some trees during nesting seasons. If this is the case for a tree you want to remove, you should wait until the nests are no longer being used. Once the birds have fledged, you can have the tree removed.

Use the Right Methods

Big trees are often removed by cutting and the stump being dug out if so desired by the owner. The chainsaw and other gardening tools often used in tree removal are generally friendly to the environment. However, there are instances where chemical methods are employed to kill tree stumps when they aren’t being removed. Here are methods that can be used for killing trees safely without adversely affecting the environment:
• Epsom salt: A mixture of Epsom salt and twice its amount of water can kill a tree if poured over and around the stump.
• Caustic soda: A 1:2 ratio of caustic soda to water mixed and applied to the trunk’s lower portion can kill the roots after several applications.
• Herbicides: An herbicide that has minimal or no negative effects on the environment can be used, according to the instructions, to kill trees.
• Other methods include pouring concentrated nitrogen fertilizers in holes, using stump grinders, removing the inner bark, and covering the stump with dark material that blocks sunlight from reaching it. These methods help to keep the stump from growing new branches.

Replant Whenever Possible

Sometimes, trees are removed not because they are damaged but because they are growing in an undesired place such that when mature they can become hazardous. In such cases and if the tree is still young and able to handle the move, you can replant the tree elsewhere with the help of an arborist.

Felling especially of big trees can be dangerous if done by an inexperienced person who doesn’t have the requisite tree removal knowledge. Therefore, it is better to seek the help of tree removal professionals who will do it right. You can conveniently find experts online at www.protreeremovalbrisbane.com.au. Trees are beneficial while standing but even when felled; there are multiple ways they can be utilized. Find practical ways to use the resulting wood, leaves, and twigs and responsibly dispose of whatever cannot be used.

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