Federal government gets extension to reply to Burns Bog lawsuit

Stop South Fraser Perimeter Road Petition
The government was given until Jan. 24, 2011 to file a statement of defence to the society’s legal action concerning the South Fraser Perimeter Road project. The government initially had a month to reply to the bog society’s lawsuit filed a few weeks ago alleging Ottawa violated a conservation covenant to protect the bog.

On Novermber 24th Burns Bog launched a lawsuit about the South Fraser Perimeter Road. This road, if built as planned, would go through two wetlands (Burns Bog and Surrey Bend Park), at least three known archaeology sites (Glenrose, St. Mungo’s and Nottingham Farm), and would cross over 100 streams and creeks.

The South Fraser Perimeter Road has been controversial from the get- go, with many people saying it is not needed. Hundreds of homes in Delta and Surrey have already been demolished for this project, let’s hope this lawsuit stops the freeway before any more damage can happen.

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