No Coal Mine Disaster for the Comox Valley

Company unable to answer questions about how much water it would take to wash metallurgical coal, or where the company plans to get the water.

Home of world famous Fanny Bay oysters

About 140 bird species have been recorded at Fanny Bay. The tidal areas are visited by many waterfowl, shorebird species, bald eagles and osprey. Spring herring spawns attract sea lions to Fanny Bay on Vancouver Island. California and Steller’s sea lions come to the area around Boyle Point to feed on huge schools of herring found in Baynes Sound during the winter. The Steller sea lion has attracted considerable attention in recent decades due to significant, unexplained declines in their numbers over a large portion of their range. Steller sea lions are protected under the Marine Mammal Protection Act. The mine would increase not only future GHG emissions by unsequestering 44 million tons of carbon over its projected operation, but if allowed, would have a massive and deleterious impact on the biodiversity and watertable of the entire region.

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