Should You Grow Southern Magnolias

Trees are highly beneficial. They create a beautiful, calming environment, help reduce soil erosion, use up carbon dioxide and replenish oxygen, provide shade from hot sun, and are a source of food and medicine. These benefits are also associated with the southern magnolia trees. These evergreen trees are known for their beauty that spans seasons are excellent shade trees that can be planted anywhere including on the sides of streets.

Southern Magnolia Trees

The leaves and seeds of the southern magnolias and several other types as well have been used for medicinal purposes for a long time. Despite the magnificence and the benefits, these trees also have some drawbacks. They can take quite a lot of time, often ten years, before blooming. In addition, you can’t plant anything beneath the magnolia tree canopy because the shade can become really dense.

Careful Placement

You also have to carefully select the place to plant the tree since its shallow roots can crack the pavement and its leaves which drop throughout the years can be an eyesore if planted at the front of the house. They also lack the steadiness of deep-rooted trees, thus they require staking. These are however not major drawbacks, and most of them have workarounds such that you can still enjoy the benefits of these highly prized trees.

If you decide to plant southern magnolia trees, you should be ready for magnolia tree winter Protection. This is especially important for young trees planted in areas that experience very harsh winters because the trees can die if not well protected.

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