Steps Toward Ecofriendly House Cleaning

Cleaning your house is necessary for various reasons, but also one of the ways in which the environment is negatively impacted. To help take care of the environment, here are steps to cleaning your house that contribute to a cleaner environment and natural resource preservation.

1. Dispose Hazardous Waste Responsibly
Hazardous waste can leach out of landfills and into water streams. If burnt, toxic fumes can be released into the environment harming human and animal life. Don’t throw hazardous items in your wastebaskets or pour toxic liquids down the drain. Use the services available in your area for disposal of certain types waste and research on the best ways to get rid of different types of waste.

2. Use Eco-Friendly Products
In place of toxic products that are environmentally unfriendly, choose safer alternatives. Go slow on the disinfectants and bleaches and try some ingredients in your kitchen cupboard that can help you achieve a house that is just as clean.  Furthermore you should use appliances that are more environmentally friendly, like stackable washer dryers that use less water and/or energy.

3. Use Durable, Reusable Accessories
Use durable sponges, mops, buckets, and vacuums and opt for cloth rags to reduce use of paper towels. This way, you have less waste to go to landfills and contribute to saving resources such as trees.

4. Use the Right Water and Conserve It
There are times when you need hard water and others that require it soft. By using the right type for your needs, you can save on the energy used in softening and products for cleaning. Further, embrace the principles of reusing and recycling water as using less of it.

These are a few green measures you could adapt. There are many more eco-friendly ways you can explore to achieve a clean house.


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