Washer Concepts to Preserve the Environment

In times of tight resources, resource and environmental conservation has become a top concern. Communities, governments and foundations advocate for saving wetlands, river valleys, forests and wildlife habitats. At the home front, people are encouraged to start looking into their lifestyles and changing some habits to reduce resource wastage. Home appliance designers and manufacturers have not been left behind thus more environmentally friendly appliances have been produced. New technologies also keep coming up that aim to keep wastage of resources to a minimum as well as find ways to eliminate the need to use scarce resources altogether.

Looking through product recommendation and review sites such as http://mejorcosas.casa/mejor-lavadoras/ you will discover highly efficient modern washing appliances that go a long way in saving water and energy. High-efficiency washers include front-load machines and the HE top-load alternative, which use much less water and energy than the traditional models. Here are some newer washing machines and concepts that have been touted to change the washing machine future landscape possibly.


This washer design developed by Villanueva and Arino is made up of three pods each with a different task. One washes, the second one dries, and the third pod serves as a water filtration unit. The water goes through the three pods and is recycled and reused. The filtration tank cleans the water which then flows back washing pod; minimizing water wastage.

Fun while washing

Who ever thought play can be a way to clean clothes? The swirl concept makes that a possibility. In this design, a spherical tub filled with laundry and water is turned into a plaything. The motion during play agitates and scrubs the laundry clean. Designed to operate without electricity, this washer would be a great way to get clean clothes even when there is no electricity or gas supply. Further, it doesn’t require a constant supply of water so, in areas where there is no direct connection, it can simply be rolled to a water source. Not only can it be used for washing, but it can also be used to collect and transport water from the source to homes.

Use beads

Available for commercial use, the Xeros washing machine uses beads made of polymer to clean laundry; saving water. The beads mix with detergent and laundry as the machine runs removing dirt from the items being washed. Water is not needed for the wash itself but for extracting the beads. The beads are recyclable as they are cleaned in a special cycle and reused. The exact amount of water saved by using this technology is estimated to be between fifty and eighty percent. While there may be people with doubts regarding the convenience of using beads for cleaning, these washing machines if available for home use can be invaluable in areas facing water scarcity.

Steam washing

Steam cleaning is a largely explored concept in the design of washing machines. Such machines are considered to have the ability to save on water use. Designs such as Electrolux renew, and the Innova washer utilizes this concept.
Other designs include tiny, highly portable washers using different technologies such using vibration and steam. Although some of these concepts have not been developed into machines available for home use, they may just help save the environment once they are developed.

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