The BCEN was established in 1981. We are a provincial network of the Canadian Environmental Network (CEN). The CEN is a nation-wide umbrella organization of over 1500 environmental groups. It has regional and affiliate networks across Canada. Through group membership in the BCEN, environmental activists are linked via the ECOBC supersite with services, activities, breaking news and other environmental activists nation-wide.

BCEN’s mission for the ECOBC portal is to strengthen the activist voice for environmental responsibility in British Columbia. ECOBC facilitates communication among member and non-member environmental groups and coalitions, other sectors, and individuals independently working on environmental issues. Through such collaborative environmental leadership BC’s ecological sustainability and economic stability will prevail and biological diversity and human health remain viable.


Keeping our ecology vibrant and healthy is a shared responsibility and is essential if our planet is to have a healthy future. Environmental issues are everyone’s issues! Networking touches many lives: many people may never be aware that an event they attend, blue box they use, or natural space they enjoy is linked up in a circle of environmental activism and ultimately with organizations like the BC Environmental Network and the Canadian Environmental Network.

The BCEN is a network of BC community-based non-profit organizations who work on environmental issues and solutions to environmental problems. No one person creates a Network or determines its exact form. It’s an evolutionary process.

Associate member groups and individual members of the network actively support member organization advocacy and educational campaigns.

BCEN networking involves environmental awareness and community activism. We have four key program areas: alliance-building; public education; capacity building (community empowerment); and government liaison.

The BCEN does not represent or speak on behalf of our member organizations, however, caucuses, coalition partners and individual member groups do take positions. BCEN assists all to better information-share and initiate strategies for action on issues of common and independent interest.

The Network assists the public and citizen-based organizations to exchange information and network with each other, governments, the business community, and the media on issues of environmental concern. Networking includes pooling information, talents, and resources, as well as developing activist skills and projects, in order to solve current ecological problems and prevent new ones.

Public Referrals

The BC Environmental Network recognizes that the movement to protect and sustain our waterways, air, forests, and biodiversity relies on easy-to-access public information about environmental threats and solutions, movement initiatives and communications amongst community groups province-wide.

We are a point of contact for the public, media, governments, and businesses looking for environmental group contact information.

Please contact us if you have recently formed a BC environmental organization, or know of a recently formed one.

Government Consultations

As a CEN regional affiliate we help to communicate federal government-led consultation opportunities and ensure BC representation is sought and enlisted in the greater public interest.

As an environmental network in a large province, we assist member groups to engage the provincial government of the day and co-foster an open government relationship in respect to environmental affairs, and mutually engage one another in areas of environmentally responsible consultation and review.